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Originally Posted by Jln harm View Post
Is it bad to hiss back at a cat when he does it to you??
Yes. Cats typically hiss because they're stressed, and hissing back is just going to stress them out more. A better idea is talk calmly and soothingly in a fairly high-pitched (but not loud) voice.

Originally Posted by Jln harm View Post
Also, any ideas on how long to I wait until I try and hold him?? I don't want to force him, but I'm afraid if I wait to long, he might never let me..not just hold him, but touch him in general.
I really think it's too soon to consider holding him. I wouldn't even try until he's giving you head butts and rolling around in joy at getting pets, maybe even climbing in your lap. I have a cat (ex-feral) that will only tolerate being picked up for about 5 seconds max, and only when she's in a certain spot in the house and is being insanely affectionate. That's just the way it is. I accept that and don't push her boundaries. Some cats will never like the feeling of having their feet off the ground, and some take a long time to feel comfortable with it. My 20 yr old guy didn't become a lap cat until he was about 10 (and I've had him since he was a wee kitten), and now he absolutely adores getting carried around every morning by my husband. I'd say just go at a pace that Parker feels comfortable with. You'll have many years to get your cuddles in.
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