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Where do you live and what type of weather do you experience? Do you have an outdoor aviary already set up, or are your parents encouraging you to make one? NO birds should be left outside without a proper set up, ever.

My first question is why are your parents even asking you to do this? Is it because cockatiels can be a bit noisy? Is it the mess? Do they just not like animals in the house?

Cockatiels are very social and people oriented. As you can see from the comments above regarding cockatiels, it's rare that they are owned as pets and not kept inside with their people. They are funny birds that love to entertain and interact with humans and this cannot be done when they are kept mostly outside.

CP16 brought up a good point - predators are a huge factor. Unlike other parrots, the cockatiel can be frightened easily, which can kill them. They don't need to be attacked to die.

If you are considering a cockatiel, I highly reccomend they be kept inside. If you can't, it might be a good idea to wait until this is more feasible for you and your family.
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