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My family has a Poodle cross (most likely labradoodle) that we adopted as a puppy from the humane society. She was VERY timid around dogs and people from the beginning, despite our best efforts to expose her to as much as possible. We seemed to have the most luck with Obedience School. We registered her in everything from Puppy Preschool right up until Adult Obedience Class.

It worked miracles for her because it allowed controlled socialization with other dogs and lots of treats and training in between it all. She's now a social butterfly at the dog park and the off leash play has become one of her favourite pass times.

I'm currently going through this whole process again with my very small and a bit nervous Chi. Although we've just begun I'm already seeing quite the improvement.

It is an expense, but I think of it like driving school. Years ago when it was time to get my licence, I was completely terrified of driving, until I took driving school, after a few lessons I could have happily driven across the country.

Here's some pictures of my parents pup and my Chi playing together just recently.
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