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I had a Chi that never warmed up to the dog park scene (she literally climbed me one day)... too many high strung dogs, I guess.

My current Chi/Terrier mix, Miko, is a loner at the dog park. Mansa, pitty, loves it there, but Miko just keeps to himself sniffing the grass.

With your 7 month old, I think it's too late for puppy kindergarten, but you could take him to training classes. If the class is worth it's snot, it will have more play time than training time. Plus the added benefit of being around dogs you can trust to be better behaved and vaccinated (less scary for both of you) and a professional around in case something does go haywire.

Dog parks are a bit scary. We still go because we know many of the dogs that go to our particular park (we even drive across town for it now), and we keep a very close eye on everyone there. We don't really get the chance to talk to anyone very much because DH has his eye on one dog and I'm watching the other. Since you have to be vigillant at a dog park to ensure you pick up body language and hopefully prevent a tiff, it leads to a little more stress on your part. Until your dog is more sure of himself, he will be taking his cues from you on how to react. Even the most subtle hint of unease will be a screaming sign to him and he will react accordingly... causing more anxiety.

Also on the dog park thing, you mentioned that all the other dogs are good at the whole butt sniffing thing. It could also be that since you have a shy dog, these dogs might not have enough manners for him. Even though everyone else is getting along well, they may just be a little more desensitized to the whole thing and therefore more equipped to handle a slightly pushy dog.
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