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Ok I have another issue I would like some advice on....

I have a 7 month old labradoodle. We've been trying to socialize him from the beginning. We started taking him to dog parks when he was about 5 months old. The closest dog park to our house is a 30 min drive so we don't really get out there as much as I would like - usually on the weekends only, sometimes every other weekend.

My in-laws have a Jack Russell who is not that friendly. If we bring our puppy there, we keep both dogs on leashes just b/c the Jack Russell has tried to our dog a couple times and he's always growling at him.

My question is: Is it normal for my puppy to be scared of other dogs?

He loves people but is always running from other dogs. He only met my in-laws' dog a couple months ago (b/c we knew he was a meanie) so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

I watch the dogs at the dog parks and have spoken to people there. All their dogs seem to be doing the whole "sniffing" each other's butts thing. Mine runs in the opposite direction and when the other dogs chase him he runs faster and starts crying. I've never protected him or picked him up (well maybe the first few times) but I usually don't intervene.

Any suggestions? Is this normal for his age? How do I get my puppy socialized well enough that he's comfortable with other dogs?
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