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Kitty is not out of the woods yet as her diarrhea has returned and she has been vomiting now after she eats. She was fine from last Tuesday up until Thursday evening - no vomiting and solid poops. Then on Friday morning when I fed her (fish style food) she gobbled it down really quickly and then 10 minutes later threw it up - this is the first time she's done this. I gave her some other food (pate kind) just a little because I felt bad she had thrown up the other food I gave her and she did not throw it up. Then in the early evening she threw up her food again and also on Saturday and today. She's been drinking a lot of water as I've been checking this constantly.

I noticed that since the spay she has quite the appetite now and eats her food really fast - all in one sitting which she never did before as she would usually save a little bit for later. I wonder if this is causing the vomiting - she gobbles her food down and then 10 minutes later she's throwing it up. The diarrhea started on Saturday morning and has lasted through the weekend.

I spoke to the vet last Monday after noticing the diarrhea after her spay (all last weekend) but he told me that it would not be caused by the medications she received during the spay and most likely was caused by stress after being spayed. He did say that if I wanted to bring her in to have her looked at he would be happy to check her out but he said it would be good to bring in a poo sample to have checked. I am taking her in tomorrow but I don't know how the heck I'm going to get a poo sample when she has diarrhea?

She is not showing any signs of being in any distress from what I can tell. She's been playing all weekend and being her rambunctious self (she's a kitten after all lol) but it's now a real concern for me. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem after there kitten/cat was spayed.
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