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Hi 14+kitties,

Thank you so much for your reply I appreciate it. My kitty is just 5 and 1/2 months old. The receipt does not show how many mgs the dosage was but I've now done a bit of research on Medacam and in Canada the dosage should not exceed 0.2mgs. I can't imagine a cat having reactions to the Medacam after this long - her spay was on Thursday and from what I've read, this would have been injected before the operation but I don't know for sure if she could still have a reaction. Also, she was given IV fluids which I've read is good when givin the Medacam. After reading up on all this and seeing the "cautions" with this type of drug, I do wonder now why my vet would not have given her something else - I am angry now. Too bad I did not ask beforehand what they were going to give her. I just trusted that they would use the safest drugs. As I mentioned before, they are from what I hear a really good vet hospital. I am going to have to find out if even with the 1 dosage of the Medacam if there could be any liver/kidney damage later on. I'm worried now I tried so hard researching vet hospitals, talking with people I knew, looking up reviews on vet's etc...before I decided where to have her spay done. I even cancelled a spay at another vet hosptial because I didn't feel it was good enough for my kitty. I stressed over the spay for weeks - my friends all thought I was nuts because they all said it's such a routine procedure but I was still scared to death - it's still major surgery as far as I'm concerned and she's my baby girl. If you can find anything else out from Dr. Lee, I would be really grateful as I probably won't be able to hear from the vet until later tomorrow.

Thank you.
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