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Re: Diarrhea

Update on the Diarrhea....

I did not give my kitten her 1/2 pill yesterday to see if this would make a difference. She still had the diarrhea yesterday despite not taking the pill so I decided that I would give her the 1/2 pill this morning. She still has the diarrhea but it does not seem to be that yellowish strange colour it was the day after the surgery it was more brown in colour and it does not seem to be as much diarrhea as before but she is still getting it whenever she goes to the litter - I'm monitoring this. I did buy some cat food at Global Pet Food Store yesterday which is chicken & pumkin in a broth. I always buy good quality high moisture content kitty food from this pet store. The only weird thing I noticed yesterday and today is her eyes - at times they seem cloudy looking and her pupils seem very large to me which is unusual. There was a time this afternoon (maybe from taking that 1/2 pill I'm not sure) that her eyes looked normal - clear and normal pupil but this evening they look a bit odd again. I am going to give her the last 1/2 pill tomorrow morning and I will call the vet first thing. As 12+ mentioned on there post, she is a very active playful kitten (like most) and she jumps up on everything and runs around. I think all stuff they gave her before/after her spaying is what is trying to come out of her now. I'm looking at the receipt for the spaying and they gave her 2 Tolfedine 20mg pills, 1 Metacam injection and 1 IV Fluids during Anesthetic and she was checked over (examined). She is healing well I am keeping my eye on her belly area where they stiched her up. The vet that spayed her is very reputable and well known in the Toronto area - a few people I know take their dogs/cats to him. Thanks to everyone's help and comments it's great to find a community that's so helpful.
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