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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
No checking of blood pressure, just put her on it with the assumption of high blood pressure. Any issues with putting her on it without checking blood pressure. Vet said it was very difficult to check cat's BP
The problem I have with that is it is a potentially unneccessary medication. There are a few different bp meds that are commonly used in cats but the blood pressure should be monitored during use otherwise how does the vet know if they have the correct dose or when they need to increase the dose? Depending on certain bloodwork numbers some of the meds should be avoided for potential conflicts, ie some meds may cause increase in potassium levels which should be avoided if a cat already has high potassium, some meds may exacerbate anaemia, etc.

Some vets won't check a cats bp because they feel the cat's bp is not going to read accurately in clinic due to stress but that likely would only affect it by about 20 pts. With the proper equipment it's not difficult to check, they shave a small area on the back leg place the cuff & check the reading, ideally it should be between 120-149. My CRF cat had her bp checked during 2 stressful exams from vet's she hadn't seen before in unfamiliar clinics one being the Emergency vet and both times her bp was 120, perfectly normal.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
They forgot the Phosphorus test on this one, we're going to see if they still have a sample of her blood and can check it and of course do a check this time around.

None of those things were on it. It was a "Senior Wellness " test
Phosphorus especially & calcium are very essential parts of the CRF diagnosis and treatment course.

The Senior Wellness panel should have at least 25 entries under Blood Chemistry (phos, calcium, ALT, Alk Phos, BUN, Crea, Glucose, Albumin, globulin, sodium, CPK etc) plus a Complete Blood Count (WBC, RBC, Hgb, PCV, HCT, MCV, plasma count etc) tested and the Urinalysis.

Perhaps they have the same name for a different series of tests. The full test might be called a Feline Senior Complete Panel.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I'll try and keep an eye on her and catch her going into the litter box, might be able to see if she is at least peeing large amounts.
It's not always large amounts but may be more frequent trips.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I have 2 water fountains, 1 in the kitchen and 1 close to the bedroom for the arthritic cat, she doesn't have to walk as far at nite. But putting a chicken flavour to the water might work. Would the chicken additive also add bacteria? Would I have to clean it out every day? Force feeding is not top on my list. This was one of the reason the vet wanted to put a feeding tube in was to get more liquids into her

I've also onto putting low sodium tuna water into the cat food and making it very soupy. But did I read somewhere that tuna is not good for cats? If I can do this option. I would blend the tuna up and use it as an additive to the cat food and make her food even soupier.
The "chicken water" won't add bacteria - it's cooked & you probably don't need very much. You could always try a small amount a tablespoon or two in a regular bowl of water see if they like it before adding it to all the bowls.

Tuna is very addicitive for cats sometimes to the point where they refuse to eat anything else. It also is high in sodium and depletes the body's store of vitamin e causing an imbalance. Try plain slightly warm water.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I have a question since you obviously have a multi animal house hold. How do I keep my other kitties from getting any fatter with me feeding Tus every 4 hours? I could put Tus in a separate room but I'm afraid they'd pick on her more. She's lowest on the totem pole.
I used to have a multi pet household, right now I just have my CRF grrl Duffy. When I did, the 2 cats were always either fed at opposite ends of the room or in different rooms. My last dog was fed also in a separate room & the 2 dogs before him were fed in the same room but opposite ends.

You could feed Tus her regular meals in a separate room, and the others a small treat instead of full meals like Tus.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Also how to you put in the quotes from your posts, so I don't have to bold them
When you read to the bottom of my post there is a button on the right hand corner that says Quote when you click that it will put my entire response in your reply box.

To separate into different quote parts - in your reply box you can either highlight what you want & click the pale yellow button to the left of the # (on the same line of buttons where the Bold is) that will separately quote only what you've highlighted. Or in your reply box with a full post quoted you can copy the code that starts the quote looks like this [QUO to the end of the numbers be sure to include the end bracket ], then paste that infront of the line you want and at the end of the line type [/QUOTE] you can then separate one post into several quotes and type a response in between, this way you can also remove extra wording.
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