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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Where did this happen? The only way I can see to blame the leashed dog is if this happened in an off leash dog park. It's foolish to have one dog leashed when all the others are off. Leashes corrupt body language, how it's displayed and how it's read.

What are the breeds involved? Fair or not, some breeds in Toronto are required to wear muzzles.

Can your Vet not help you? Sadly, I think Toronto Animal Services might be the people most likely to have knowledge of the expertise you require. But maybe your Vet would have some ideas. If it was me I'd be checking out the U. of Guelph website to see if there is some kind of veterinary help that might be available there too.
The OP does not say where this happen. I agree that is not good to have a dog on leash with lose dogs around. I have not gone back to the woods that has off leash hours and on leash hours as some people are not following the law and let their dog(s) run lose during on leash hours which is when I want to bring Marty on his leash. Marty it at a great disavantage being a small dog on a leash.
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