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Past emotions do influence present thoughts, SSS. Always will.

Opinions differ. Always will.

The video shows a great deal of irresponsibility by the father. He allows his son, under his supervision, to do something to a cat that could have caused both cat and child a great deal of trauma. The father learned nothing, because his child miraculously did not get hurt. And the child learned nothing because the father did not correct his misbehavior. The cat learned to associate children with something unpleasant. This is a lose-lose-lose situation...

This is why so few of us find it to be 'cute'? There's really nothing cute about it, even before the cat hits the water.

Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve
i ment im waiting for the 2 week mark to start and think "maybe he's dead" or "he's just consciously known all this time that we took him in to help him stand on his own two feet" (doubt it) or... "maybe he's lost"
Have you thought about actively looking for him? That would be the more responsible thing to do. You're gaining nothing by waiting two weeks and then giving up on him. What if he needs help somewhere?
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