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Originally Posted by JennieV View Post
I think the cat probably clawed him, and it hurt... No kidding he was confused.
We dont gather, we express what we think about something that the OP thought was cute and funny...then the OP asked us what WE think. So the opinions WERE solicited.

I see neither cute or funny, but instead I see a potential disaster, when the child will wonder, how would it be if he puts the cat in the fridge...or other ideas...And I see the adult (the one that is filming) laughing his head off...

I guess I SHOULD lighten up, but I can't. It just bugs the heck outta me.
listen, i will admit i purposley post controversial topics (in respect to the forum) to just really pick your brains. i want to know what you guys think is ok or not, because, well, i obvously see things differently from you guys, and i'd like to take what i can for interacting with you guys and apply it to my own thoughts, see how it works out, etc..etc...
despite not thinking like you, obvously, i can tell when someone is jumping to (sometimes disrespectful) conclusions.

i mean, for example, someone wanted to turn the fathers' testicles inside out. how is that solving anything? how did punishing something with dire consequences fix what happened prior? you want to make a point right? well its understandable without making horrible statements.

lets hope the kid learns, and does not get scratched. that wont solve anything. (maybe if it did, the father wouldnt do anything besides give first aid? and learning from the situation himself?)

i respect the fact that you guys have seen a lot, but you cant let your thoughts be strongly influenced by past emotions.
some kids develope faster than others, some dont, some are normal, some are naturally bad towards animals without the intent, some are caring, etc.. etc..

i think its safe to say the kid was just curious, yes it was inconvenient for the cat, but it wasnt as bad as putting it in a dryer. the kid who did that, should have had supervision, no one should leave a kid with an animal if they are under 6(or are mentally unstable), even i know that.

"curiosity killed the cat"
well apparently, its killing the kid too lol.

btw, i said i thought that it was cute UNTIL the cat hit the water, i just love kittens, how they look, act, its awsome. especially their wtf reactions haha.
but that doesnt mean i go torturing them.

whos to blame? the father, why? because he didnt react correctly(or on time for that manner.)
but in all cases, please, dont blame the kid because he's not up to your own childrens' (or someone else's kids that you know) standards.

everyone learns on their own terms and their own ways, its what makes us who we are. im just bothered that you guys are saying he's gonna be bratty when he grows up. who's to say he will?

oh and 14+kittens

i ment im waiting for the 2 week mark to start and think "maybe he's dead" or "he's just consciously known all this time that we took him in to help him stand on his own two feet" (doubt it) or... "maybe he's lost"
all in all, i keep an eye out for him when im outside, i took a walk around, but i know cats can be found within a 3 mile radius of their houses, so its like finding a needle in sand... yes, sand. so when he's ready, he'll come back. just gotta stay optimistic.
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