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Originally Posted by cobykat View Post
Well, Stinky was definatly NOT a feral! He is a F5 Savannah that I was lucky enough to adopt. I know that they can make some very quirky noises so maybe the non-purring is another trait. He chirps too....most of his chirping is done in the middle of the night! I'm going to keep my eyes on this guy, as it's always pleasant and reassuring to hear a cat purring away!

Him being a "F5 Savannah" does not make him any better than a feral! Unless you did not really "mean" that the way it came out?

I have a little boy who didn't really talk much in his past life and his voice sounds a little "odd" but he does mimick his sister and it is getting "better" for purring, I doubt he did much of that either cuz when he let one out the other night, he jumped up and fell off the sofa! I guess he didn't quite know what the noise was and scared himself!

I would give him time and he purrs or he doesn't...if you don't want to wait, have you tried the vet? Maybe they can see if he has vocal chords...or a blockage or something...
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