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I am now joining this thread as the owner of a newly diagnosed CRF cat, one week ago today. My 11 year old Marshall.

I had this long, thoughtful post typed out but for some reason when I hit submit, it redirected me to the log in page again and I lost everything.

Anyway I will ask this one important question I did have in my reply and will type out the rest of my post later on today.

One quick question re: food.

I don't like how the Hill's K/D diet has fillers like glucose, corn gluten meal, corn syrup, pork by-products, etc.

I've been trying to find a good quality cat food that complements a cat in renal failure. I was previously feeding both my cats Evo Chickey & Turkey wet but see that it has too high of a phosphorus level for a cat in renal failure.

So... I have a quick question... how is 0.2% for a phosphorus level? Unfortunately the K/D wet is by far the lowest on all the lists but I don't like their overall ingredients. So I'm trying to find a safe alternative.

Also, is it true that it's actually the phosphorus that is damaging to CRF cats? And, not necessarily the protein itself?


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