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Originally Posted by growler View Post
If the bone slivers are that big & there's that many of them in a small amount of food I'd be looking for another brand.

Were there other raw brands besides this one & NV at the store? Maybe you can ask the employee if any of the other companies triple grind the bones?

Another option is buying your own meat ground or chunks & using TC Instincts Premix powder, this is what I was feeding Duffy when she could no longer digest bone properly.
I did do quite a bit of phoning around before I got the Urban Carnivore. This and NV were all I could find in Winnipeg. I got it at one of our Pet Valu stores (the only Pet Valu that carries raw) and the employee didn't seem to be all that knowledgeable. She told me that cats needed to have some vegetables in order to have a nutritionally balanced diet. The bone shards in the chicken were definitely not as big as the ones shown in the picture of the beef product and I was able to pick them out without too much trouble. I will continue to do so if I use this product again.

The TC Instincts is definitely another option. I would likely be able to find it here or I could order it. For now I think I will give the Urban Carnivore one more try with a little extra muscle meat added. Thanks for all your help.

P.S. I was just browsing old threads while writing this and it seems that Dracko feeds both her cats and dogs Urban Carnivore, or at least she did in 2007. Wonder if she still uses it.
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