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Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
What do you think of my feeding this particular brand to him as a regular diet? Am I on the right track? Does it contain everything he needs? What about things like taurine? I might still give him a little canned now and then if he will eat it but he is getting fussier and fussier. Are some varieties better for cats than others. For example, bison and elk are not something a cat would eat in the wild but there are things like chicken, duck, lamb, beef and rabbit.
I'm not personally familiar with the brand, but it is carried by one of the best exclusive raw food stores here & their site looks good.

Taurine is found in meat and also in organs especially heart, so as long as you have a proper balance of organs you're good there.

As for meat variety, a lot of that depends on what your cat will eat, though I would try to limit fish to once a week. I was also told at one point by an employee of a raw food store to feed red meat at least 1-2 a week for the higher iron, taurine content but Duffy's homeopath said she didn't need that much as a senior, which was good for her cuz Duffy did not like any of the red meats (beef, bison, elk) or lamb, but loved chicken & turkey. I know a vet who raw feeds his cat & she only likes the red meats, she won't eat chicken.
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