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This is my very first post, aside from my introduction . This thread caught my eye, because I remember thinking that when Romeo was first being potty trained, as well as ALL the other stuff you have to be consistent with, I was sure I had lost my rational thinking all together. Here I was, the mother of two grown sons, one expecting his own child in October and I was flummoxed by 3 pounds of puppy lol.

Your dog is absolutely gorgeous. You have gotten so much good advice, but I will add just a little of what helped me:

1) Crate training - still beneficial to this day and he is almost a year old. I cover it at night now, although I didn't until he sleeping through (we were lucky, he slept through very quickly) - I made sure his night didn't last forever though, and was careful with his water consumption before bed . For me, the cover lets him differentiate between a short nap and the long one he has at night. He can now go comfortably for 8-9 hours at night.
2) A set routine. Most of us have to work for a living but for almost four months I came home every day at lunch until I was satisfied that my son was fully comfortable in assuming that care as well, time very well spent. Just a side note, we recently moved, so while Romeo adjusts to the new house and no more puppy pads (WOOHOO), we use the crate more during the day which he is more than comfortable with. Soon I will portion off a section of the rec room downstairs for him to have when I am convinced that he knows that even with "more space" he still needs to go outside. Not quite there yet.
3) Learning that accidents don't mean the training is done for.
4) Puppy school - not for them, for you . Misery loves company lol - I'm teasing about that, but it was a very fun and educational process.

Anyways, I've blabbed enough, I wish you all the best with your lovely girl - Romeo had kennel cough also when he was about 3 months old, cleared up very nicely with antibiotics. He is now almost a year (May 16)

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