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Level 2 anti meow strategies ?

I need some suggestions please - very frustrated.

Lately twiggy (9 year old fixed sphynx cat) has started meowing at 3 am and it's making me nuts. She has always been a bit vocal.
She is fine. she is healthy. She sees a vet whenever she is ill. This is behavioral.

She might well be hungry even though she is fed 3x a day. She does tend to quiet down after breakfast....after I've had no sleep from 3AM to 5:30 AM ....but not always... She also has certain levels of the meow. maaaaaaaauuuuh, maaaaaaaauuuuh, maaaaaaaauuuuh - that's the one that kills me the most as she goes up to 9 octaves on that one.

I have already accepted that by 5:30 AM every morning my sleep is over.

She is fed at 5:30 AM, 1pm and around 7pm.

The other cat Baci is food obsessed so no food can be left out.

We live in a fairly small apartment, cats usually sleep with us but even when they don't her loud very high pitched meows are unignorable even by way of earplugs. She never makes the crazy meow in our presence, she'll normally do it from the living room. We live pretty high up so it's not other cats or birds she's seeing that's triggering this.
- Loud noise to shush her not working.
- water bottle - a squirt shushes her for less than 1/2 hour lately. So by 4 AM I'm up again and I'm getting so frustrated that I can't get back to sleep.

This doesn't happen every day but it's happening more and more frequently.

Although I would never give up or harm the cat....feeling rage starting at 3AM is not a good way to live.

I'm at the point where I see few solutions;
- drugs for the cat (or maybe drugs to put me in a coma so I can finally sleep)
- Bark collar - anti meow collar (I know...I know....)
- Some device - that will somehow allow twiggy access to food but not baci...(though food doesn't always quiet her)
- Something that I'm not thinking of

So any advice for me other than getting a lobotomy? Thanks in advance.
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