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Thanks so much for the friendly advice! I'm very excited about my new puppy, but of course I can't leave my Lucy all left out..she's been a 'single child' for seven years, she's bound to get a bit jealous. But to be honest, I've come to enjoy Lucy's calm, well-behaved nature now that I have an overly excitable puppy I have to train, haha. I make sure to give her extra love and also, to only let down Zorra when Lucy has been outside and fed. I think that Zorra will be less 'prey' if Lucy has already eaten and is tired.
I have an appointment with the vet next Friday, and I will take Lucy with me so that Lucy can be analyzed by a professional. I mean, I pride myself on knowing my dog, but she has surprised me negatively in the past (oh jeez). Thus, I need a vet asap, also just to make sure Zorra is doing fine!
In the meantime, I'll be cautious, but I think we're making progress. Lucy sniffed Zorra's behind in a friendly manner and then walked towards me happily. So, at least no aggression. Still, I won't let them play yet.
Need to work on being calm, though! I am very concerned, especially because Zorra only weighs about 2 pounds!
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