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My cat is now afraid of my husband.

We have a nine year old calico cat named Albertine that we adopted over two years ago. She has always been skittish and scared but in the past few months has really relaxed with us and felt more confident in the house. The other night my husband got up to get some water and Albertine was up and about and got under foot. My husband didn't see her and tripped over her kicking her along the way by mistake. Albertine is now very afraid of him. She won't come out to eat her food if he is in the house. She has let him pet her if she is already sitting down on the couch, but then if he stands up or if she sees him again, she runs away. He's very sad to see her so afraid of him. I am leaving for a week and worried about both of them. What should he do to regain her trust?
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