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Unhappy A crow-baby gone

Most of you know about my love-affair with my crows and how I feed them twice a day and have for many years.
This morning after the six (4 adult 2 babies)of them had brecki,they started an awful racket in unison,all pointing in one direction.I knew something was very wrong
There was a little baby-crow very dead on the side-walk,hubby went to pick it up,I was worried the crows would attack him,but they silently watched and followed us in to the backyard(flying,not walking ),where we buried the baby.
After it was done,they all flew off,as if mission accomplished.
They are amazing birds and I feel I know what they are trying to tell us,they'll be back later in the afternoon for dinner.
No more leftovers in my fridge!!
little crow
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