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Re-Homing a Cockatiel and Budgie....

I have a Cockatiel and Budgie, they live together in the same cage and get along great.

My issue right now is with their happiness, They both seem content. Eating well, singing etc. I like to get them out of their cage at least 1hr a day for play time, but i haven't been able to do this evereveryday lately...

I am currently working on a room upstairs being re-organized for a "play" area for the birds but i've got no definate finish date set for this. The problem is my two dogs who would love to have birdie treats if they could get the chance.... With colder weather becoming something to think about again, i can't rely on the time the dogs are in the yard to play, for the time to dedicate to my birds....

I'm torn because i love them SO much and am trying to get things roganized so i can better their lives...but i don't want them to be without the attention they deserve while i'm doing this....

Do i find htem a new home?

will this cause the cockatiel alot of emotional stress, or is this a risk to take in hopes of finding someone who will be able to give them more time?

I want to have someone who can have them out as much as possible, and to use the cage as a resting/eating area, and not as their main place of living....

I want them to be able to explore and play, and hang out and be more free than a cage can offer.
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