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Hamilton Peregrine Falcons 2015

Hello everyone! Its that time of year again when the peregrine nest sites are in full swing. Here in Hamilton we have had sad news this year.

Not only did we loose the male peregrine (Surge) we suspect through a territory battle but we also lost our Matriarch (Madame X). She lost her battle for the nest while Surge was recovering in a rehab facility before he passed away. Madame X has been at the Hamilton Nest Site for 15 years. We are all truly sad to see this happen although it is the reality of these wild birds.

Madame X has not been seen again so we have no idea what her fate it..

So as they say out with the old an in with the new. The falcon team has been able to positivley identify both of these young birds as they are both banded.

We are welcoming ( Ossie and Lily. ) Ossie is a local bird from another Cdn site and Lily is from the USA, I think Michigan.

Lily has produced her first egg in the nest ledge so it looks like she is staying put. For anyone interested in checking out the site here is the link:

I hope you enjoy!!!
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