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Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay. We had taken Tommy to the vet. He hadn;t looked good at all. We did blood work, see results below. The vet thinks something is wrong, but tommy is to weak to have any tests done and even then what can be done to treat. We have started on sub-q fluid and he seems to perk up after and even eats hi shard food. He is still only licking his soft food. We are also syrige feeding him. He has probably gained 1/2 pound since monday. Here are the results of the blood work. The glaring thing is his iron levels. Also, can anyone answer why his CRF levels look great, especially his creatin levels.

ALK Phosphate - 17 (0-62)
ALT - 28 (28-100)
AST - 28 (5-55)
Albumin - 3.5 (2.3-3.9)
Total Protein - 7.6 (5.9-8.5)
BUN 46 (15-34)
Creatinine 1.4 (0.8 - 2.3)
Glucose 195 (70-150)
Calcium 9.8 (8,2-11.5)
TCO2 (bicarbonate) 27 (13-25)
B/C ratio 32.9
RBC 5.32 (6-10)
HGB 6.5 (9.5 -15)
HCT 22.2 (29-45)

THe weird thing is the creatinine, which 3 months ago was 2.2.
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