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Okay, Sorry for the delay in responding. School has been hectic.

To answer all of the questions...

He is an indoor dog. I just moved here and this place does not have fleas.

He is on frontline plus, once a month.

Every time he has gotten a tapeworm, I took him to the vet, without hesitation. I never de-wormed him myself. This past time (yesterday) the vet gave him a shot for tapeworms only. In the past, he was given oral Cestex (which I believe works on tapeworms and other organisms). All of these are seemingly effective medications and seemed to kill the tapeworm at the time.

I have treated the yard (sprayed for fleas and bleached after finding tapeworms), though my yard only consists of a small cement slab. So, I always pick up his poop (from my house or when we walk) and he never eats his poop. Because I always pick up after him, I have the opportunity to examine his poop immediately and catch anything abnormal about it. That is how I am finding the tapeworms.

We go hiking at times but he is on the leash and does not wander off into the woods where he could kill a rabbit or any other animal that may contain tapeworms.

Okay, hopefully that answers all of the questions.

As far as I know, I am very diligent in trying to keep him flea-free and tapeworm-free and I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem, even though they are also doing everything "correctly." I am discouraged by my visits to the vet where he implies that I am not doing my part. I just don't know what else to do and I'm very frustrated at the implication. I am spending a fortune on this, besides.

Thanks for the input.

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