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ZiggysWife - I am so sorry that this happened to you. Not pleasant.

I am certainly NOT a BP fan however one must look at what all trainers have to offer. I am certain that he does have something to offer .....but to the 'right' dog. Meaning - a dog that he understands and I truly think (and I say think) dogs that he can help using normal everyday methods. Give him something outside that box and I think he is lost.

I learn from other trainers on what to be or not to be. I learn even from the worst of trainers something that I can use...something 'good'.

He had no right condemning a young dog this way. So many people put all their trust in others and this can be very dangerous. I have seen on TV how he handles some dogs and I absolutely hate it. I dislike and disapprove of the way he treats people....which is sometimes worse than the animal in question.

Where you able to extract anything good from BP though? I am very curious to hear more.