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Nice pictures! (If you have time, I would love to see the rest of her face - see looks like a sweetie!!

From what you are describing, her history and the pictures, I would agree with your veterinarian's previous concern of allergies. Often when we are treating and managing allergies, there is still some degree of allergic signs occurring. The inside (medial) aspect of the eyelid appears to be red (erythemic) and there appears to be a brown mucoid discharge. This inflammation may be seen with a variety of conditions, but allergies would be top on the list.

Options? Well, if it is not bothering her and the signs do not worsen (green or yellow discharge instead of brown, itching of the eyes, the rest of the eye getting red, or excess blinking, etc...) then I do not know if I would do more than your current allergy regimen. An alternative that might be less expensive than Angel Eyes (which I think might help) would be a combination antibiotic and steroid eye ointment or drop that you can get from your veterinarian. While you tried eye medication before - perhaps talking to your vet for a different eye medication (there are tons that we use!) may be beneficial. Also the first medication was before you changed to the food that she is now on correct? It might help more now!

Does this help?
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