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my dog has black eye gunk, red eye corners

Thank you so much for the kind welcome. It's great to have this resource, especially when the vet's closed. I'm sorry I can't post pictures - maybe when my 15 year old gets home, she'll show me where she hides her camera To answer your questions, the corners of his eyes are always red and watery. He doesn't have alot of white around his corneas, but there is a little bit of redness on the inside, near the corners. I can't tell if there's redness on the upper eyelid rim or not - maybe a little. He doesn't sneeze or scratch his eyes that I notice, but he does take an antihistamine 2x a day (4mg chlorpheniramine). The vet said he prob. has allergies, and I give that to our other grey, so the thought was, why not give it to him too. It's hard to tell if the tears are reddish, the kind that white poodles get, because he is a dark brindle color. They do seem to stain his fur a bit. The main thing is the black eye gunk that I clean out about 2-3 times a day. First it's grey slimy stuff, then it accumulates into this hard black gunk. I have thought about trying "Angel Tears" for a couple of weeks, but it's expensive. It seems like it's only used on white dogs.

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