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The bill is not to end the keeping of exotic pets. If you have a licence and are in accordance with the regulations, you are able to keep an exotic animal.

Keeping exotic wildlife in captivity

47.2 (1) No person shall keep live exotic wildlife in captivity except under the authority of a licence and in accordance with the regulations.

The bill amends the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act by adding a new Part 3. Here are some of the highlights:

Here are some highlights of the new Part 3.
People are prohibited from keeping exotic wildlife in captivity unless they hold a licence to do so. (see section 47.2 of the Act)
Those that keep exotic wildlife in captivity must ensure that the wildlife are not released and that they do not escape. If exotic wildlife does escape or is released, those who kept it in captivity are generally responsible for recapturing them. (see section 47.3 of the Act)
Part III.1 of the Act must be read as being consistent with Ontario Regulation 60/09 (Standards of Care) made under the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, and any regulations made under the Act concerning exotic wildlife must be consistent with that Regulation. (see section 47.7 of the Act)
A provision of a municipal by-law prevails over Part III.1 to the extent that it prohibits the keeping of exotic wildlife or is otherwise more restrictive than a provision of Part III.1 or of a regulation made for the purposes of that Part. (see section 47.8 of the Act)
The Act is amended to permit the Lieutenant Governor in Council to make regulations with respect to exotic wildlife. (see amendments to section 112 of the Act)

As much as this legislation bugs me, what really also erks me is wildlife in transit. If exotic animal originated outside of Ontario and is in Ontario temporarily in transit or in quarantine u don't need a licence. I mean serisously?? hello illegal wildife trade easier to played with.

Exception, wildlife in transit

(2) Except as prescribed by the regulations, subsection (1) does not apply to exotic wildlife that originated outside Ontario and is in Ontario temporarily in transit or in quarantine.

And driving around with the cat not properly being contained? not very smart. sorry not to be rude. This could not have only cost the lives of your husband and the other CO, but for the cat as well. If this wild animal attacked, it would have been put down. It would have been hard to press that an endangered animal had to be put down due to some lax CO's.
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