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My OH Confiscated a Cougar

OK folks, here's the story I promised you here: (edited by Admin - incorrect link i believe, added below)

Many moons, yea, decades ago when my OH was a Conservation Officer his office got a call about a private citizen keeping a cougar. It is illegal to keep an Ontario native wild animal in captivity without special licensing. My OH and another CO were dispatched to remove the cougar.

Off they went in their station wagon to remove the cougar. She turned out to be a young but full grown female. The owner was compliant, concerned for her safety, told the men how to handle her and they loaded her into their vehicle.

And off they drove with a full grown, fully toothed and clawed cougar loose, LOOSE, in the back of their station wagon. Apparently at one point she stood up and put her big mitts on the shoulders of the driver and my OH shooshed her down. I don't know about the other man but at this point (we weren't even going out yet, let alone married) my OH had no clue about even so much as a little domestic cat, forget cougars.

When they reached their destination, the place going to house the cougar, the man in charge there was horrified, aghast, amazed that these men had driven all the way with a dangerous animal they had no knowledge of loose in the back of their vehicle. He could not believe transport had not been arranged with his facility since housing had been arranged.

Oh, and the end of the story? The cougar was legal. The owner produced papers to verify she had been bred in captivity in the U.S. and he was allowed to keep her. I'm not sure if he retrieved her or if the animal facility delivered her.

There you go, my OH, the nitwit.

Please check out the link at the beginning and read how important it is to support Bill 125 to end the keeping of exotic animals as pet.

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