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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
sometimes, and sometimes blood, or just a mess!! we would jump for joy when her poop was solid
LOL... I know all abut the pure joy and excitement of a good poop!! Nookies have been good for a few months now, but he does go through little "spurts" of diarrhea and soft poos.

And it's the same with Nookie. If we were to shave him, you could probably see every bone in his little body right now. You can feel (and even see) his hips bones, they really protrude. And his ribs, you can see and feel each one

The weird thing is when I took him in to weigh him last week, I would have sworn he gained at least a pound or 2. He wasn't looking "as" skinny, but he did actually lose another pound

I want to be hopeful, but I don't want to be let down like last week, again. So I'll just say whatever happens, happens... and hope that the addition of the barley helped. Though I think he may not be tolerating it too well. He has had some reflux the last few days and a bit of gas. Guess we will just wait it out a few more days and if it's putting weight on him, we'll continue it, just maybe in a lower amount. If not, I'll cut it out of the diet.
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