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Thanks for the interesting contributions!

Comfort: I don't think it's about comfort, as our dog doesn't spend much time 'fluffing up' his bed.

Peeing: It's definitely NOT a peeing thing. Our guy rarely (if ever) has accidents in the house and is very particular on when/where he does his business outside.

Pushing: My husband said that one day he saw him in the spare bathroom nosing around the bath mats. However, he's not *pushing* the carpets, not edging them along - It's a very dramatic sweep of his head, resulting in a rub on the *top* of his nose.

I don't get it! I guess I could try giving him an old spare blanket, or piece of carpet, but he would still be getting a rub on the top of his nose! I guess I'll just chalk it up to a personality quirk and hope this is the extent of it!
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