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Originally Posted by Kasianni View Post
Both my dogs do that with the blankets too, try to bunch them up so it more comfortable?!
Is it possible he pee'd on the blanket?? Maybe he was trying to cover it up? I always leave pee pads down at night time in case they have to pee at 3 am. Whenever Mika does a pee, she will do large sweeps on the pad with her nose to cover it up.
My last dog would 'bury' his cookies in his blanket to save for later on.
I bet your dog did not want to lies on a wet blanket and was trying to find a dry spot. I loves how dog uses their noses to move things around.
My dog peed in my bed and at the foot of my bed once. I thought he has gotten better about not peeing in the house when I first brought him home from the shelter. I had no idea why he peed in my bed until I saw there was a male dog next door visiting and he was peeing around the yard. Marty was marking his territory which happen to be my bed . Marty peed on my pants leg at soon as he saw me at shelter. I was with my daughter and my grandchild at the time . I guess he was marking me as his territory then.
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