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August 2012 - photo challenge - Pets at Play

Anyone have ideas for August.

I have an idea! What about bald cats

Seriously, feel free to suggest some ideas.

thx! Marko

hmm no ideas yet eh?
- What about pets at play
- pets in mid-sleep

any takers?

How bout pets "Camping or Cottage"? It's the season! I don't have any pics myself but I'm sure some of these guys take their pets on summer holidays.

Although it may be the season....seems a bit restrictive for members that have no cottage and don't do any camping

That said, if that theme gets the most support in the next 24 hours, it will become this month's challenge and we'll just have to rent a cottage

How about pets through or with glass? Looking in or out through a window or door, or maybe just taking a drink out of your glass

I like the pets at play idea! I seem to have an abundance of those since getting Montana... who woulda guessed

Yep my vote "Pets at Play"

how about pets favorite summer hang out places,windows,decks trees,ect ect

Seems pets at play has the most support so it will be the theme this month.

Merging suggestion posts now.
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