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Thank you for all the information and the links. I will check them out.
I used to buy food with Salmon in it for my dog, her coat was wonderful. I won't buy food with corn in it, and I've upgraded to one without wheat or grains. I mixed it with her old food at first so it hasn't been a sudden change

Missy has lots of those cat mice and balls she loves to chase. I throw them down the stairs, she retrieves and drops them so I can throw again. She will do this at least seven times before she bores with that game. We play with a laser light sometimes and other then being locked out of the bedroom she gets a lot of attention. Shes almost always someplace close, if not on top of someone. She also sends my boyfriend off to work each night.

I don't mind her being's no longer a hormone thing as she was spayed last year. Missy and I have quite a lot of conversations. My bf is not a cat person, although he's been caught talking to her and petting her and if he thinks she needs something hes the first to mention lmao. When she was spayed and had the cone on, his daughter caught him saying "it's okay baby" while cuddling her on his lap. Big meanie!

The bedroom has to remain off limits. He was kind to adopt my cat along with me, (well, even before me) when he would have preferred no cat at all so his having one room without cat hair seems fair.
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