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Cure for dry skin?

Missy has been scratching. No fleas. Then I thought allergy - so switched to a better quality food with no wheat/grains. She's four, never had issues with food previously.
Now I think it is simply dry skin as I can find small flakes in her fur. What oils would be best to give to her.
I have been told that flax oil is no good for good for cats either?
I have put the liquid from salmon cans into her food - should I continue with that or buy salmon oil?
Oh - the new food has done some good...her coat is ever so much softer then it was.

My boyfriend thinks she is over grooming....that I understand is a symptom of stress. - but last lifestyle change has been over a year ago when we moved here. She gets lots
of attention, (shes a diva) seems happy although she is a vocal cat and has a sock fetish.......when left alone she will gather socks, scarves, mitts, hats and bring them to the living room. Sometimes
when I get up at night she has stock piled stuff. I know of only one thing that might still be stressing her out and that is that she is now locked out of my bedroom. My bf had no
problems with my keeping my cat - when I lost my home and everything I had thought I would lose her too but he told me to bring the cat to his place. It was months later that I moved
in too lol - it's been well over a year........could she still be stressed about the bedroom?
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