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Hi everyone thank you so much for helping we just got back from the vet and she is not diabetic, they did however think that she might have cushings, her blood worke is out right now should get a call from the vet this afternoon, they also sent out her urine, that wont come back till tommorrow. so i wont really have an idea till at least this afternoon, on what it exactly is but i really wanted to say thank you, for helping me and also yes i did word for word copy what pets meds put in there description so i did not get anything wrong, they tested her blood urine and her medicine so after a nice hefty bill hopefully al this will make her more comfortable and happy that is my only goal healthy and happy. we lost 2 dogs to weird condtions at young ages so my old lady is all i have left again i will post and let you know the results, thank you again
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