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Treating our dog at home

I was referred here by a friend and desperately need some help before my poor wife goes off the deep end.Our dog Willy has been quite normal up to now and was eating and drinking normally and full of energy. My wife was convinced by someone to feed him raw rabbit, chicken etc??? and started feeding it to him about a month ago.

A week ago Sunday we took WILLY TO THE VET BECAUSE HE HAD STARTED COUGHING AND GAGGING UP WHITE FOAM. sOMETIMES HE WOULD COUGH A LITTLE AND THEN IT STARTED TO BE LONG BOUTS -LIKE A COUPLE OF HOURS. Vet administered an anti inflammatory to help with his trachea which at first the vet thought mite be a collapsed (collapsing) or parasites. He gave him a shot? and prescribed Vanectyl P. The next day he was a bit better and then suddenly turned worse and we took him back to Emerg this past Sat. So far he has been suffering for a week.

Took him to emerg again on Sat and got him home last night and he went straight to his bed and we've only seen him COUPLE OF TIMES WHEN HE WANTED TO pee.

Vet says that several xrays show the trachea is ok, but still inflamed a bit from all the strain on it the past while.The coughing -SO FAR-is gone and we have to continue treating it with pills. He also has a parasite? and possibly worms. He finally passed a small stool and the vet says he found a small white worm and a "casing" from a hatch of something.Vet started treating him there at the hospital for both with heavy doses (injection)to start the treatment.So now--we not only have PILLS but also liquid de-worming to squirt into him for the next 10 days (Panacur). That's almost IMPOSSIBLE. He won't come near us . He's still pretty doped I think from the vet stay but runs and cowers when we approach him. I think cuz he's just wore out and now a bit scared.

This AM he is cowering and hiding from us and refuses ANYTHING we try to give him his pill with from treats, steak ,ham peanut butter and cheese. He turns and scurries away.

Got a question for the pet owners who have gone thru such stuff with their animals. I don't want to go against the vet's advice--BUT,Because he is so wore out from a week+ of violent coughing, not eating or drinking (very little) and a traumatic separation from us into the vet environment , do you think it would be ok for us to just leave him alone for TODAY and not try to force the meds on him and hope he'll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow?? Vet says he has given him injections and he's got the "bugs" in him on the run and the 10 day "assault" he has outlined will get everything back to normal. I'm just wondering if that one day break will do more harm than good??

Thank you for any replies
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