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Thanks for the link, Barkingdog!

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Today he got his first needle--the 3-in-1 combo. I hope it doesn't make him too cranky!
I think all the excitement and meds made him sick. He was okay when he first got home--happy to see the dogs and play with his toys, peed, pooped, drank water, ate. But just about an hour ago he threw up a bunch of food, then sat in his litter box and cried like it hurt to go or like he couldn't go and then he went over to his paper bag and peed on it. Made me sad. After that he settled pretty well in my lap and went to sleep while I was waiting for a call-back from the vet (yes, I called them right away to see if that was a by-product of the shots and excitement or something more serious...cuz I'm a nervous mom and a first-time cat owner, don't ya know ).

Vet says it's probably just the shot kicking in and all the excitement and we should watch him over night If he gets worse or if he's not better in the morning, we're to call back. *sigh* A whole new set of ailments to learn about!
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