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Originally Posted by Lynne&Co. View Post
It sounds like your dogs are coping well with the arrival of J.D. I've always had a resident cat and brought in new dogs so the reverse of your situation. Try to keep J.D.'s nails clipped if you can to minimize injury should he take a swipe at the dogs. My cats have always aimed for the eyes when lashing out
We're fortunate in that JD seems totally dog proof! And 4 of the dogs seem Even with Cass and Brier barking at him while he was in his kennel eating dinner (and they were close enough so the breath of their barks was ruffling JD's fur ), he didn't bat an eyelash. He seems to trust them implicitly, which isn't necessarily a good thing--I would like for him to defend himself if Brier gets reactive (Brier seems to appreciate a show of force and will) but I worry that he'd be dead before he recognized the need to use the claws. Yesterday, Brier redirected at Cass, pinned her and started 'savaging' her scruff. It looked vicious, but she didn't squeal and he left no marks, and broke off when I touched him, so he pulled his punches--but it's that reactivity that worries us. If he should ever redirect at JD, JD would be dead.

Originally Posted by Lynne&Co. View Post
I keep Tiggers litterbox in the basement and installed a cat flap on the door. We just moved so it took about a week before we could move it down there. First day located box near front door, second day moved it down the hall, third day in front of basement door then finally into the basement. Cats are pretty smart so they figure it out quickly what you're doing.
We're busy thinking of ways to prop doors open, hold them closed, cut holes in them, cut them in half into dutch doors... heheh I like to hear about solutions that work. Except that we have hollow doors, I liked the dutch door idea. But I suspect we'll probably end up going with cat flap arrangements!

Originally Posted by Lynne&Co. View Post
Tigger's food and water I keep up high at counter level. I've always free fed dry kibble. ... Every morning and sometimes evening too I give Tigger and our dog a fresh meat treat. Either a half slice of deli meat, teaspoon of tuna, diced up piece of steak, whatever we have on hand. It's just an extra but gets both kitty and dog sitting together sharing a treat which I though helped in the socialization. Truth be told it's really fun time for me as they get along fine after five years together
I've been putting JD's food up on the back bathroom counter for his upstairs visits. Mostly, though, he's still recovering in the basement (it's an exposed basement so lots of light and a door to the outside so we don't have to come down through the house and risk him getting up amongst the dogs). He's got a terrible URI and although his nose looks better, his eyes are still incredibly gooby and his breaths are labored and snotty sounding. Poor guy... So basically he's living out of a wire dog kennel down there with litter pan, food, water and a cozy bed. Fine for convalescence but we're hoping as he gets better, we can let him out more.

Today's intro session went better than yesterday's. Brier still tried to get reactive with the other dogs while we were doing the meet-and-greet, but I was able to very easily distract him with treats and get him to settle. So no fracas and no take-down today! At one point, JD was on the floor with the other 4 dogs and there was only curiosity on both sides. Someday we're hoping Brier will be able to join the group!
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