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Called my ISP and there was a wrong setting in my router. My ISP is really good at helping with problems that are, strictly speaking, not theirs, but impact their service to me. I did not buy the router from them but they help me with it anyway.

Now I get a max of 4.67 download and 0.68 upload and that's enough for me to do the things I do. Neighbours this week are talking about upgrading to fibre otpics and speeds of 50 but they must be downloading movies and gamed to need that much speed.

Most of us are using Bell Canada phone lines here, no matter who our ISP is, and they are supposed to be dedicated to each phone line. Unless someone nearby knows your router password you should not be sharing with anyone. There is no cable here in our rural area and wireless internet providers are really expensive. I am still affected by weather though as apparently our lines are old and in wind or rain, sometime snow, they falter. Not usually enough to put the phones out but enough to cut the internet off, which I don't understand, but there it is.
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