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No chip. My guess is that he was dumped. Typically, those are the only cats we see around here. Only 45 permanent households in our double township (so 12 miles x 6 miles) and no one owns cats. We do see cats that have been brought to the county campground and dumped, though--but they normally don't survive long enough to make it the mile or so to our house. This is only the second kitty to make it here in 12 years. The rest die--mostly eaten by coyotes, wolves, bobcats, eagles or hawks, or killed by people protecting their chickens. So this guy is soooo lucky! I'm going to talk to the humane association about how to list him as found so if someone is looking for him, they'll find him if they check with the shelter. I'll probably put posters up down at the bars, too.

He's now met all the dogs singly while in my arms and on the ground, and with all 5 dogs together while JD is in my arms. So far so good. This morning he tried to rub on Cass's chest and she just backed away and sat down. Grace won't approach him unless I'm holding him, but she seems to like the way he smells when he's close. When JD approaches Brier, Brier backs away like he's seen a demon. Ember and Ridge are tolerant but not friendly, yet--and I can live with that. JD is going to work hard to gain their affections, though--he is the friendliest little guy I've met in a long time and he's not at all put off by dogs! (I can't believe someone was heartless enough to dump him. )

We're trying to figure out a solution to the litter box problem--how to keep it in the open without giving the dogs access. We might have solved it by sacrificing an old fairly open dog kennel--cut a hole in the door so JD can get into it to use the litter box, but small enough that the dogs can't get to the litter. The second box will have to be hidden, though--I think we can rig a prop/hook mechanism for the second bathroom door that allows JD enough room to get in but keeps the dogs out.

Longblades--do you have any links to articles on the optimal time to neuter cats? I tried to do some research on line this morning but we have very slow internet and I could barely load up the search results, much less open links. Do cats have the same health issues as dogs when they're castrated too early?
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