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Originally Posted by newfie-mix View Post
So from what I've gathered here and elsewhere, the following could be helpful:
Plain yoghurt with probiotics
Wheat germ or bran
Aloe vera juice
Slippery Elm
Pumpkin puree

Now to figure out amounts.
She's 70 lbs.
She gets 5 meals a day right now.
Should I add the above items (or most of them) to each meal?
Should I mix them in with her wet food, or just put on top?
And how much approx. of each, per meal, for a one day total?


ps. Other suggestions/comments welcome of course
you should start off giving your dog a small amount of any of these foods and give only one at a time. Some dogs can't handle gluten so you should give your a little Wheat Germ to see how she does . Bran will make a dog poop more so do not give your too much of it at once if you're not able to take her out during the day. I think it would be a good idea to also talk to your vet and see if they know how much your dog can eat of and food on the list.
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