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Episode 6: Guest Star!

Today in The Scully and Mulder's blog:
Guest star. Bobandy attack!

As some of you know I found a black cat a week ago. He's still with me (I still haven't had any luck getting a hold of someone at MEOW) but I don't mind having him here, he's awesome. So today my 2 cuties are delighted to introduce a Bobandy Episode (I named him Bobandy )

Prized among the prized in ancient Egypt and having August 17th dedicated to Black Cat Appreciation Day. Randy Bobandy is an awesome black kitteh with a lot of personality.
We found him wondering the streets meowing loud, thirsty and hungry. He's very vocal, friendly to humans and non aggressive to other cats. VERY loving. He cuddles like a champion and he likes to put his head on your shoulder and sleep while holding you with one paw. He really melts your heart.
Honestly I'd love to keep Bobandy but we have a lack of space issue and 2 cats one of them very curious and friendly towards Bobandy.
We hope to find a home where he's loved as much as we love him here.
Click here to watch Bobandy-->
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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