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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oh that's cute!!! They don't seem to care for fruits and veggies but the chicken was a hit!

What's the Misty kitty story?
Definitely there's a story behind that drawing of Misty
Once I found a white cat, one blue eye one green eye living in a parking lot. She's so intelligent, peculiar and funny I could write pages just about her but. this is about Misty however finding Yoshimi lead to rescuing Misty. Yoshimi by the way turned out to be pregnant thing we noticed a week or 2 after the rescue.
So we had Yoshimi for a while back at my parents place and one day my dad driving down the road saw a white cat walking around and he thought "Oh no... Yoshimi escaped!" So he went close to the little white cat one blue eye, one green eye but he noticed it was a different cat and she also had a piece of rope or a thing around her neck he tried to get closer but he couldn't get close enough and he was running late so he left but Misty somehow followed his trace because around the next day she showed up in the kitchen door, someone opened the door she bolted in and there was no power who could ever get her out again (not that we really wanted to anyway ) She was skinny and we feared she was either tied or best case scenario some kid put a thing around her neck. In any case we kept Misty the white cat with one green eye and one blue eye just like Yoshimi and just like Yoshimi she was also pregnant!!!

I made that drawing because once my now husband and me went for a walk and I took Misty in my arms (she's the softest cat I've ever met) and she let me keep her like that for the whole walk. But then my boyfriend (now husband) found an abandoned skateboard on the side, he got on and the noise made Misty very nervous and I knew she was going to jump off my arms and hurt me real bad with her hind legs (of course without meaning to. And you should see the 20 cm permanent scar I have from one of my cats)
Anyways... I let go, sort of like pushing a little and she flew away and she looked like a flying squirrel or a little white pillow with paws and tail. We were by then back in front of the house and I'll never forget the image of flying Misty (don't worry she didn't fly high up, just from my waist down)
and it was so funny that I drew her and always put that drawing by my computer so I always remember Misty.

P.S. The chicken was definitely a HIT!!! LOL
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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