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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
Attention getting behavior can be fixed in a few ways.

1. Ignore it and the pup will learn that its efforts are fruitless and will stop. But this can take way too long to fix with patience, especially when you are being pinched and clothes are being torn. Walking away can actually empower the pup because he just moved you out of his space. In the animal world its all about who moves whose feet.

2. You have a right and obligation to teach this puppy some manners and let him know it has to stop. If he is permitted to abuse you like this then what will stop him from doing it to children or your grandmother? You need to claim your space - just as you would teach an obnoxious child not to jump on your lap repeatedly. Then you have to take the time to teach him how to play with people, and how to get the good attention he wants.

3. He is bored and trying to engage you. So get his brain busy and work on his drills and skills. A busy brain doesn't have time to be creating mischief.
As always - excellent advice.
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