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Smile Solid Gold - Just a Wee Bit...

Hi there.....I have two 1 year old shihtzus and have been having such a difficult time finding something they will eat. I have tried EVERYTHING! I have tried Wellness, Orijen, EVO, Nutros, FROMM, Halo and Merrick. They would never eat just dry food so I started to add a little canned. My little female, Lexy started vomitting a few months ago (approximately one night a week) undigested food. I had taken her to the vet several times and they could find nothing! Just last week, I bought Solid Gold (Just a Wee Bit) and we go again. The girl at the store told me to add a little warmed chicken broth to the grain. I have been adding a little pumpkin, a little broth and VERY little small dust-sized pieces of chicken livers.....and THEY LOVE IT! I feed them twice a day -- and they will now sit at their placemats, waiting for me to put their food down. I thought I would share this with you.....because I have never seen them enjoy their food so much! If anyone else is having trouble with finding a food that your little one will eat ..... TRY THIS ONE!!! It is made with bison - and they told me that it is much easier for them to digest. SO FAR - SO GREAT!!!
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