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Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
Just an update. He has crystals but all the vet did was do a urine sample. Gave me some oral antibotics to give him and said "We can't cure it but this should help."

Can you get the results of the urinalysis from the vet? I'm curious to know what the urine ph was.

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
The best piece of advice they gave was get him off meow mix and on science diet.
Terrible advice. The best thing you could do is get him off the Meow Mix (which is indeed a very poor quality diet), and switch him over to all wet food (preferably with good quality meat sources and little to no grains, such as Wellness). Science Diet is no better than Meow Mix and costs a lot more - but of course the vet is going to recommend it because they sell the crap, plus all of their university education was provided by Hill's .

Read this link to find out more than you ever wanted to know about how diet relates to urinary tract issues in cats:

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
I looked online and alot of places talk about using herbs as natural to help.
Switching to wet food should be at the top of your list, but there are some things you can do in conjunction with that if necessary (although honestly, the vast majority of cases are cured by wet food and anything else would likely be unnecessary). A nutraceutical that helps occasionally is glucosamine (Cosequin for instance). It strengthens the lining of the bladder so that crystals are less likely to irritate it. Marshmallow root powder is also soothing to the mucus membranes of the urinary tract. And since struvite crystals tend to form in alkaline urine, if the diet change isn't enough to get rid of them you can consider adding an acidifier to your cat's food (but only if you also monitor his urine ph at home since over-acidification can result in calcium oxalate crystals, and they are much harder to get rid of).

Good luck!
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