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Exclamation what is the problem with my dog

My dog Simba,may have to be euthanised. The vets dont seem to be doing their work right-i reside in Kenya.

Simba is 7 and a half year old -a mixed breed and is an alpha male. a month ago he got into a massive fight with the younger dog and we had to separate them-which was very difficult. Simba had fought with the younger dog-lenin about 3 times, and in the process, his lips were torn and he had pus,and he initially took out bloody stools, but recovered fully.Now just a week ago, he stopped eating and we took him to the vet.was diagonised with tick fever, he was injected and now have Kept him on doxycycline 200mg twice a day.

I also give him brewers yeast ,vit B, to enhance his appetitite and recovery process, but not once does this dog touch food. He only drinks milk, has lost lots of weight, and drinks alot of water.

I am afraid that he is suffering and i dont know if he has to be put to sleep. Is there any hope of his recovery.

His faeces are watery(eats no food) and green as he eats alot of grass. His water intake has increased but there is no sign of blood in his faeces.

what could be wrong with him, and what should be my course of action. I dont want him to undergo the numerous injections,blood taking if he is going to die, i dont want him to suffer anymore, but if you feel there is hope please let me know. I am planning to put him to sleep-by taking him to the vet, but will await your answer...please help me...

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