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a couple of questions come to mind.

You say this was the first time you groomed your dogs. Did you think to accustom the dogs to the equipment, by playing with them and it.

It might have been best to take them to a groomer that would start the cut for you, and then it is easier to keep. Also, get a groomer to show you the proper way to cut the hair on the face, as well as brush the dogs. Most groomers would do that for you.

Dogs getting groomed for the first time, can be very hard to handle, also, when people do their own dogs, it can be stressfull for the owner. The dog thinks that if it whines, the owner will quit, and they usually do, therefore the dog wins.

As a dog groomer, I always found it best if the owner was no where around when I did their dogs. I had a lot more control, but if the owner was there, the dog would not listen to me, and I had to keep telling the owner, to back off, I didn't need the extra help.

Hope that helps somewhat.

take care
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